6/19/2020 oh geez it's been a while. anyway i removed a bunch of stuff and i'm currently totally revamping my art style so peel your eyelids off your eyeballs for that later, or however the saying goes

6/13/2019 fixed up the guestbook to blend in with the site better. it also loads in-frame now instead of opening a new page; i had to fix some formatting issues that made it load weird before if it was in-frame.
5/8/2019 added a gifypet to the homepage, currently debating what other changes to make...
5/7/2019 massive sitewide decor change, finally going with a cohesive look. trying to make most of my own graphics now instead of using random stuff i find on old web archives. had planned to do this at first, but was too lazy lol
11/26/2018 010010000100010101001100010011000100111100100000010011010100
11/25/2018 Noecis now has a memedump page because i can. also i added some secret pages a while back, have fun finding them
9/6/2018 added links to promote awesome friend + musician Ammewnition on the homepage! also added awesome art of Voi done by awesome friend Subi! go check them out
8/11/2018 did some graphics rearranging and made a catch-all page for quiz results, stamps, blinkies, and testimonials rather than having it all shoved on my about page
7/11/2018 did some sitewide reformatting like last week and forgot to post here lmao. added a new graphic on my about page and character page, and started a list of all my fav musicians on the music page. musician names link to their websites or youtube channels. hope to have a big list with lots of links soon. also reformatted my TR reviews page
6/11/2018 added a poem to the Vertices page
5/31/2018 cluster of updates from the past 2 weeks, i've been stressed and busy: added info for Punkie's GoFundMe on the homepage, plus a commission info page. added a link to my carrd profile in the links out section. uhh p sure that's about it for now
5/2/2018 long time no see! i've finally decided to create a sonas directory rather than link individual ocs in the sidebar. also finally worked on one of my character pages, Noecis. added a brand new pixel art of him, a headshot, and his ref sheet. lots more info on him to come later. also added a link to Sadhguru's youtube channel on my shrine page. please check out his videos and see if they resonate with you! also added a link to my sarahah on the links out page
1/18/2018 sitewide cleaning, nothing super noticeable, but i'm finally using directory folders bc the sheer amount of stuff i have on here is getting to be too much to wade thru when editing the site hfdhgjdg
1/16/2018 added a new link over in the sidebar! Parasomnis, huh? wonder where that goes...
1/14/2018 added the review for Tomb Raider IV, and added a new button to the network links in the sidebar
1/13/2018 made a Skyharbor stamp and stuck it up on the homepage in anticipation for their live show!! SO EXCITED!! also made a new pixel graphic for the about me page, to replace my old infocard
1/7/2018 happy 2018! added my poetry page, also some minor site tweaks for better display on different screens. i finally have internet at home again, so hopefully i can update more regularly
12/3/2017 added an 88x31 button for linking to this site, it can be found on the homepage. added more stamps on the about me page, and changed the header on the rainbow page. also submitted my info to join the Hyperlink webring
10/19/2017 added the favorite Tomb Raider Levels page, revamped the appearance of the entire TR section, changed the look of the Unknown page, increased font size site-wide, other small tweaks here and there
10/8/2017 removed some stuff while i work on updating it, added Halloween decorations to the homepage
9/28/2017 joined the Our Space webring, hoping to get officially added to the list soon. i've also been working on a super secret page for Tryptamus related things. ALSO, added the episode opening of X-Files Biogenesis to the alien page bc i love it SO much
8/17/2017 updated TR1 review with extra rambling, added TRII & TRIII reviews. also added more stamps/decorations to various pages
8/2/2017 added gay pastel Voi to his gallery
8/1/2017 finally added Tomb Raider 1 review, as well as walkthrough playlist videos and soundtracks for TRs 1-6
7/31/2017 small update to Feris' page, decorated the links page
7/30/2017 reformatted the friends page, also reformatted the links page, added a link to my friendproject profile, and did a BUNCH of decorating. im so tired i did all this on 3 hours of sleep h
7/29/2017 goodbye divs, hello frames -- finally made a one-stop perma sidebar. added the testimonials page, updates page, & redid the guestbook. also added a bunch of blinkies, buttons, & stamps to my about page
7/28/2017 added the "Unknown" page & music page, finally started work on the Tomb Raider page, adding decorations & formatting. also tidied up the about me section and streamlined things site-wide
5/17/2017 added navigation buttons to sidebar
5/16/2017 added guestbook heuheuheu
5/15/2017 changed from bottom navigation to sidebar navigation
5/4/2017 added art gallery to Voi's page
5/1/2017 added brand new page just for the Voi boy
3/10/2017 spruced up the shrine page, added gifs and whatnot
3/3/2017 added more stuff to alien page
3/1/2017 added fursona page (WIP), and Tomb Raider page (also WIP)
2/1/2017 added links page and shrine page
1/30/2017 added about me page, friends page, rainbow page, and alien imagespam page
1/29/2017 from the depths of the celestial void, this website was born