x x x cosmic F R A G M E N T S x x x

this is where i will document my travels in the dream/astral world, recalling different places i've seen.
i plan to do pixel art for each one, to capture how they looked in detail.

the ornate cistern
first visited: unsure, likely between 2003-2007

a large, round, cathedral-like holding for water, partly in ruins. white, gold, sandy, and rosy-peach colors. the water was a crisp turquoise color. there was some moss and algae growth, as well as vines, and a fallen column with some debris in the water. i was swimming in the water and dove under the surface looking for things of interest -- levers, passageways, artifacts, etc., though i don't recall finding anything else.

the seaside cave
first visited: unsure, likely between 2003-2007

a seaside cave of limestone and tan sandstone, with several arch-like openings along the sides, as well as a hole in the "ceiling". at low tide, the cave was just sandy with some small rocky pools of water, and at high tide it would fill with about 2 feet of water. i visited during daytime, around 3 or 4pm is my guess from the position of the sun.

desert trenches
first visited: unsure, likely between 2003-2007

a large desert canyon full of odd, branching cave-like tunnels or burrows, with hill-like mounds separating shallow trenches. the layout is very confusing and hard to describe, but they seemed like roads designed with a purpose. the rocks were all very blunt and rounded, as if shaped that way purposely, or rounded by water somehow. i remember being somewhat frantic, running from something/someone while also looking for something?