Welcome! For this reading, you will be presented with 8 stacks.
Each stack features 2 tarot cards, 2 oracle cards, and a small bonus message.

Each bonus message is taken directly from the book
Be As You Are: The Teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi.
They were chosen by first adding together any numbers appearing on the cards in the stack,
then flipping to that page and feeling intuitively which message would resonate with the
overall reading. It's my first time trying this, so I hope you enjoy!

Each stack is marked by a different stone. Intuitively feel out which stone draws your attention
the most -- that will be your card stack. Once you've chosen, simply click on the link for
your chosen stack to get your reading!

The theme for this reading is: Your life theme for September 2019!
What will be your challenge, revelation, or general feel for September this year?
How should you handle it? What should you prepare for, anticipate, or avoid?

This is a general reading. If your first choice doesn't resonate, feel free to choose a
different one!

Here are the 8 stacks you can choose from.
They are numbered 1-8, from left to right, top to bottom:

1 - Blue goldstone   |   2 - Sodalite   |   3 - Citrine   |   4 - Amethyst
5 - Angelite | 6 - Rose quartz | 7 - Blue lace agate | 8 - Black tourmaline