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message: "The radio sings and speaks, but if you open it you will find no one inside.
Similarly, though this body speaks like the radio, there is no one inside as a doer."

cards: Knight of Cups, Knight of Pentacles, Transformation, Goddess Tara & Tibetan Quartz

oracle message 1: Transformation - "Things are changing at a cellular level. Deep healing."

oracle message 2: Goddess Tara - "Her eye ever open."

September will be a real eye-opener for you, a prime time for big worldview changes and coming to terms with
the qualities your ego has adopted. Know that these qualities are "yours", but they are not YOU.
Realizing this will prove to be a great point of stabilization and focus for you. You may even find yourself
wishing to help others with this newly-realized self concept.
You are beginning to see things as they actually are -- recognize the importance of this and run with it,
as it will prove to be your liberation from stagnation.