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message: "How do we know that we exist? If you say, 'Because of the world around us,' then
how do you know that you existed in deep sleep?"

cards: 8 of Pentacles (reversed), 3 of Pentacles, Lemuria, Angel Uzziel & Smoky Quartz

oracle message 1: Lemuria - "Creating heaven on Earth. It's happening."

oracle message 2: Angel Uzziel - "Heavenly mercy."

The material world has been extremely hard on you as of late, be it finances, a living situation, health, or the
impermanence of physical existence. Know that everything moves in cycles, and you're here to make the most of those
cycles. Dreams and intuition will play a key role in September for you, as you learn to slow down and listen to the
messages your subconscious is trying to relay. This will provide the solace you need -- stop running from it, if you
have been. Avoiding spiritual needs not only hurts you, it also detracts from the total net sum of positivity in the
world. You owe it to yourself and everyone else to be kind to yourself and allow good things to come. Embrace it and spread it.