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message: "Is it necessary to show [you] the way in the interior of your own home? This is within you."

cards: The World, 10 of Cups (reversed), Break the Chain, Goddess Matangi & Heliotrope

oracle message 1: Break the Chain - "Ancestral patterns. Healing. Rewriting the future."

oracle message 2: Goddess Matangi - "Already there is value."

You may feel that September opens many doors, but it seems like a maze -- which way will you go? Don't fret.
The whole world is wide open, and which direction you decide to travel will inevitably prove valuable.
There are endless things to learn, so don't allow any emotional baggage to stifle the adventure you've embarked on.
The unknown is just unrealized potential. YOU are the one who turns it into a whole experience. Even if it seems
like not much happens this September, every moment leading up to it and every moment of the month will be the
building blocks of something important. Be sure to let yourself notice.