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message: "At the very moment that each thought rises, if one vigilantly enquires, 'To whom did this rise?',
it will be known, 'To me.' If one then enquires 'Who am I?', the mind will turn back to its source
(the Self) and the thought will subside."

cards: The Magician, Ace of Swords (reversed), Anna Grandmother of Jesus, Goddess Pele & Lava Stone

oracle message 1: Anna Grandmother of Jesus - "Seeding the light. Laying foundations. Divine plan."

oracle message 2: Goddess Pele - "Melt into divine desire."

You feel as though you've just emerged from the fires of Creation in order to manifest something, and restlessness may be a
pervasive feeling for you right now. You will spend much of September in experimentation, poking the hot coals of potential
and figuring out how to achieve what you truly want. Don't lose sight of the WHYS as you pursue the HOWS. Keep a clear motive
and don't allow your intellect to become dogmatic or too focused on one way of doing things. Remember that your very being
is one of endless possibilities. Trust your inner fire and see what you forge.