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message: "Take the instance of moving pictures on the screen in a cinema. What is there in front
of you before the film begins? Merely the screen. On that screen you see the entire show, and for all appearances
the pictures are real. But go and try to take hold of them. What do you take hold of?
Merely the screen on which the pictures appeared."

cards: The Wheel, 9 of Cups (reversed), Take A Break, Angel Balthiel & Rose Quartz

oracle message 1: Take A Break - "A life's work, not a season. Get off the treadmill."

oracle message 2: Angel Balthiel - "Heart healing."

Relinquish control! September will be all about learning to let go. You can't control everything in life --
realize the things you have control of, and those you don't. Surrender to your own needs, even if you have
to say NO to other people. Life goes on! Trials and tribulations come and go, and people are fickle. Realize if
you have been neglecting yourself or picking at your own mental/emotional scabs. Let them heal. Let the
story play out for you instead of trying to direct it.