you can't see anything, it feels like your head is spinning.

you can barely feel the ground under you. everything feels distant and fuzzy.

you slowly come to. suddenly, your fraying soul seems to snap back to your body.

your ears are ringing, loudly, but it begins to fade.

your vision returns and you realize you are lying on a firm but vaguely soft surface.

sand? you lightly grab absentminded handfuls of it in confusion.

you slowly sit up as your eyes adjust. you can hear an incredibly deep, slow rhythmic booming,

like a gigantic heartbeat. you look at your surroundings.

you are sitting on a tiny floating 12x12 island in what appears to be an endless

black abyss, an empty bottomless pit. your heart races.

as you squint toward the seemingly endless pitch dark sky, tiny red stars begin to flicker on

and disappear a moment later, as if obscured by some kind of thick, dark haze.

you try to gaze into the horizon, straining, until you catch sight of a thin, distant pillar of blue light.

where are you? how did you get here? why?

you've got to figure this out! you crawl across the tiny island on hands and knees, searching

desperately for answers. you can see nothing. you grasp the sides of the sand bank, grains cascading down

into the empty pit. but as you do so, the tiny island seems to rock side to side.

you begin swaying to and fro, willing the isolated sandy knoll to wobble and move.

something strange happens. you notice small multicolored lights spark from below in time with the motions.

against your better judgement, you strain to reach down toward the tiny sparks, your fingertips

just barely grazing the surface of something that feels almost... liquid? however, you pull back your

hand to find it dry. you reach down again, the disturbance of your appendage creating more small sparks,

ripples in this odd substance. suddenly the island buckles a bit, dropping lower so that your arm plunges

into the mysterious rippling sparks. you right yourself and begin to paddle with your arms,

and in relief you find that the island has begun to move!

you are soon moving at a smooth speed, directly toward the distant pillar of blue light.

it grows larger and larger as you near, an enormous island coming into view around it.

at the very center, a dizzyingly tall and broad black pyramid from which the light emanates.

your tiny ride soon bumps against the metallic blue edge of the vast, bizarre platform.