First Edition (c) Felix Mue Starlocke, 2016-2017


transliteration (pronunciation)
(form) definition, definition
(form) conjugation; (form) conjugation

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ade (ah-deh)
extremely informal/slang parting, similar to "see ya"
see also: mademas, made

aiya (EYE-yah)
(n.) me, myself, I

akh (AHKH)
(excl.) sound used to denote frustration or displeasure

antha (AHN-thah)
(n.) surface, outer layer, container
(v.) anthavii; (adj.) anthas

anthas (ahn-THAS)
(adj.) in a state of covering or containing something
(n.) antha; (v.) anthavii

anthavii (ahn-THAH-vee)
(v.) to contain or cover something
(n.) antha; (adj.) anthas

atta (AHT-tah)
(n.) torso (anatomical)


baesu (bah-EH-soo)
(pro.) they/them; "person #2"

ba'iimet (bah-EE-meht)
(n.) dwarf star (astronomy)

ba'iimyu (bah-EE-mew)
(n.) black hole (astronomy)

ba'iisa (bah-EE-sah)
(n.) intermediate star, ie. our Sun (astronomy)

ba'iisei (bah-EE-say)
(n.) red giant star (astronomy)

ba'iitha (bah-EE-thah)
(n.) neutron star (astronomy)

ba'iive (bah-EE-veh)
(n.) blue giant star (astronomy)

bangu (BAHN-goo)
(n.) shoulder (anatomical)

basat (BAH-saht)
(v.) to continue

besa (BEH-sah)
(n.) planet (astronomy)

betu (BEH-too)
(n.) toe, foot appendage (anatomical)

bi (bih)
extremely informal/slang greeting, considered rude if used for people one is not close with; similar to "yo" or "sup"
see also: biiha, biihadet

biiha (BEE-hah)
informal greeting similar to "hi" or "hey"
see also: biihadet, bih

biihadet (bee-HAH-deht)
"hello"; default/formal greeting
see also: biiha, bih

biista (BEE-stah)
(adj.) nervous, anxious
(adj.) biistas

biistas (bee-STAHS)
(adj.) foreboding, unnerving, creepy, ominous
(adj.) biista

biisu (BEE-soo)
(pro.) they/them; "person #1"

biiyabii (bee-YAH-bee)
(adj.) cute, endearing, adorable

boiiharu (boy-HAH-roo)
(n.) a piece or fragment of something that is broken

bu (boo)
(num.) 7; seven

bulokii (boo-loh-KEE)
(v.) to wait, to be patient

busot (BOO-soht)
(v.) to stop

bya (byah)
(num.) 9; nine

byu (byew)
(num.) 8; eight


chaipa (CHAI-pah)
(v.) to condense or coalesce

chei (chay)
(n.) static, chaotic energy, Cosmic Microwave Background radiation from the Big Bang

cheim (chaym)
(n.) remains, remnants

chetha (CHEH-thah)
(v.) to combine, fuse, or mix

cheyei (cheh-YAY)
(n.) an object which is being or has been shaped, formed, or built
(v.) cheyeivii; (adj.) cheyeis

cheyeis (cheh-YAYSE)
(adj.) shaped, formed, structured
(v.) cheyeivii; (n) cheyei

cheyeivii (cheh-YAY-vee)
(v.) to shape, to form
(adj.) cheyeis; (n.) cheyei

cheza (CHEH-zah)
(v.) to split from, to separate from
(adj.) chezas

chezas (cheh-ZAHS)
(adj.) split apart, separated
(v.) cheza


dam (dahm)
(part.) denotes the reason why of something

daro (DAH-roh)
(adj.) eternal, infinite

daska (DAHS-kah)
(adj.) glassy, crystalline

de (deh)
(part.) if, as long as

duinga (DOO-een-gah)
(v.) to float, as in water


eibe (AY-beh)
(n.) vein (anatomical)
(adj.) eibes

eibes (AY-bess)
(adj.) veiny, with veins showing
(n.) eibe

eit (ayt)
(n.) heat (temperature)
(adj.) eits

eits (eits)
(adj.) hot (temperature)
(n.) eit

enena (eh-NEH-nah)
(part.) but, however, and yet, despite


fe (feh)
(part.) denotes secondary/onward subject/object

fem (fehm)
(part.) without, absence of

feya (feh-YAH)
(part.) with, together with, alongside

fi (fih)
(num.) 5; five

fii (fee)
(num.) 6; six

fiinoi (fee-NOY)
(n.) home, abode, residence, living quarters

fliig (fleeg)
(v.) to swim

fu (foo)
(num.) 4; four


gala (GAH-lah)
(n.) neck (anatomical)

gasa (gah-sah)
(n.) summer; one of the 2 Antarctic seasons

giiba (GHEE-bah)
(adj.) good, pleasant, satisfactory

giibatha (ghee-BAH-thah)
(adj.) happy, pleased

gon (GOHN)
(n.) face (anatomical)

guran (goo-RAHN)
(n.) knee, leg joint (anatomical)

-gurii (GOO-ree)
(part., suff.) denotes "one who does (something)", added to the end of a verb; "action-doer"; common for names; similar to "er" in English, ie. "eater", "worshiper", etc.


-habal (HAH-ball)
(part., suff.) notes number placement, ie. first, second, third etc. when placed after a number

habe (HAH-beh)
(n.) the state or condition of something

hajii (hah-jee)
(n.) magic, energy manipulation

halii (ha-lee)
(adj.) wise, discerning

hamo (HAH-moh)
(adj.) sad, morose, melancholy

he (heh)
(part.) denotes main subject/object

hem (hehm)
(adj.) bad, displeasing, unsatisfactory

hibet (hih-BET)
(n.) the mineral known as hecatolite or "moonstone"

Hiibaii (hee-BYE)
(n.) Earth's sun

hiibedatii (hee-beh-DAH-tee)
(v.) to show something to someone else

Hiiche'iisudaro (hee-cheh-ee-soo-DAH-roh)
(n.) the Hiiche-na name for Antarctica

Hiiche-na (hee-CHEH-nah)
(n.) the name of the tribe which inhabits Antarctica in the Tryptamus universe; originators and speakers of the Kubiiska language

Hiipesa (hee-PEH-sah)
(n.) Earth's moon

hizeba (HIH-zeh-bah)
(v.) to allow or permit something

hmiiba (hmEE-bah)
(adj.) derelict, in ruin, crumbling, run-down, in squalor

humiida (HOO-mee-dah)
(adj.) large, vast


iinai (EE-nye) (n.) visible light, photons
(adj.) iinais

iinais (EE-nice)
(adj.) bright
(n.) iinai

iisu (ee-soo)
(n.) winter; one of the 2 Antarctic seasons

-iith (eeth)
(part., suff.) pluralizes a word


jiidasta (jee-DAH-stah)
(n.) a prediction or foresight
(v.) jiidavii

jiidavii (jee-DAH-vee)
(v.) to predict or foresee
(n.) jiidasta


kanbii (KAHN-bee)
(n.) asteroid, meteor(ite) (astronomy)

kiigu (KEE-goo)
(n.) physical pain
(v.) kiiguvii, kiigurii; (adj.) kiigus

kiigurii (KEE-goo-ree)
(v.) to cause physical pain
(n.) kiigu; (adj.) kiigus

kiigus (KEE-goose)
(adj.) physically painful
(n.) kiigu; (v.) kiigurii, kiiguvii

kiiguvii (KEE-goo-vee)
(v.) to experience physical pain
(n.) kiigu; (adj.) kiigus

koth (kOHth)
(v.) to guide, steer, or move something/someone

kubii (KOO-bee)
(n.) comet (astronomy)

kumi (koo-MIH)
(n.) dent, crater, pockmark
(v.) kumivii; (adj.) kumis

kumis (koo-MISS)
(adj.) dented, cratered, pockmarked
(n.) kumi; (v.) kumivii

kumivii (KOO-mih-vee)
(v.) to dent, leave a crater
(n.) kumi; (adj.) kumis

kuromat (KOO-roh-mat)
(n.) duality, balance


lama (lah-MAH)
(n.) leg, locomotive appendage (anatomical)

lega (LEH-gah)
(adj.) unbreakable, invulnerable

leget (LEH-get)
(v.) to accept, to make peace with

lehe (leh-heh)
(v.) to eat, to consume

lio (LEE-oh)
(adj.) cloudy, fuzzy, unclear

lovelii (loh-VEH-lee)
(n.) skin (anatomical)

lovelivii (loh-VEH-lih-vee)
(v.) to remove skin (anatomically)


ma (mah)
(part.) denotes that something is not

made (mah-DEH)
informal parting, similar to "bye"
see also: mademas, ade

mademas (MAH-deh-mahs)
"goodbye"; formal parting
see also: made, ade

mana (MAH-nah)
(n.) hand (anatomical)

meian (MAY-ahn)
(n.) the space outside of something (physical)

meias (MAY-ahs)
(n.) the space inside of something (physical)

mei'it (MAY-it)
(n.) the physical cosmos, outer space

meit (mate)
(n.) lack of heat
(adj.) meits; (v.) meitvii

meits (mates)
(adj.) cold
(n.) meit; (v.) meitvii

meitvii (MATE-vee)
(v.) to cool down
(n.) meit; (adj.) meits

meisun (MAY-soon)
(n.) backward (direction)

meiun (MAY-oon)
(n.) forward (direction)

metha (MEH-thah)
(n.) up (direction)
(v.) methavii

methavii (meh-THAH-vee)
(v.) to move up (directionally)
(n.) metha

meza (MEH-zah)
(n.) right (direction)
(v.) mezavii

mezavii (meh-ZAH-vee)
(v.) to move right (directionally)
(n.) meza

mezii (MEH-zee)
(n.) left (direction)
(v.) meziivii

meziivii (MEH-zee-vee)
(v.) to move left (directionally)
(n.) mezii

mezul (meh-ZOOL)
(n.) down (direction)
(v.) mezuvii

mezuvii (MEH-zoo-vee)
(v.) to move down (directionally)
(n.) mezul

mi (mih)
(num.) 0; zero

mii (mee)
(n.) nothingness, emptiness, potential

Mii (mee)
(pn.) The Void, that which existed before anything

miiaba (mee-ah-bah)
(adj.) slow

miila (MEE-lah)
(n.) an uninterrupted flow
(v.) miilavii; (adj.) miilas

miilas (MEE-lahs)
(adj.) in a state of flowing uninterruptedly

miilavii (MEE-lah-vee)
(v.) to flow uninterrupted
(n.) miila; (adj.) miilas

miinai (MEE-nye)
(n.) darkness, lack of light
(adj.) miinais

miinais (MEE-nice)
(adj.) dark, lacking light, absorbing light

mime (mih-MEH)
(n.) sole or bottom of a foot (anatomical)

modol (MOH-dohl)
(n.) wit, charm, charisma

mu (moo)
(n.) a beginning, the start of something

Mu (moo)
(pn.) the beginning of our universe, the Big Bang

muko (MOO-koh)
(adj.) mysterious, enigmatic, esoteric, unknown

muthai (MOO-thye)
(n.) entropy, chaos, discord
(adj.) muthais; (v.) muthaivii

muthais (moo-THYEse)
(adj.) chaotic, disordered
(n.) muthai; (v.) muthaivii

muthaivii (moo-THYE-vee)
(v.) to cause chaos
(n.) muthai; (adj.) muthais

myube (MEW-beh)
(n.) gravity
(v.) myuvii; (adj.) myubes

myubes (MEW-bess)
(adj.) gravitationally attractive
(n.) myube; (v.) myuvii

myubevii (mew-BEH-vee)
(v.) to attract gravitationally
(n.) myube; (adj.) myubes

myuvii (MEW-vee)
(v.) to orbit gravitationally


na (nah)
(part.) denotes ownership; of; " 's "

nai (nye)
(n.) energy, radiation
(adj.) nais

nais (nice)
(adj.) energetic
(n.) nai

ne (neh)
(num.) 2, two

nepa (NEH-pah)
(n.) head (anatomical)

nepath (NEH-pawth)
(n.) brain (anatomical)

nepii (neh-PEE)
(n.) mind, consciousness

nepiim (neh-PEEM)
(v.) to think, to consider, to analyze

neptho (NEP-tho)
(n.) the link between the cosmos and all sentience; the state of the universe being self-aware; similar to Hindu "prana"

ni (nih)
(num.) 1, one

niba (nih-BAH)
(n.) finger, thumb (anatomical)

niibe (NEE-beh)
(n.) sound
(adj.) niibes

niibes (NEE-bess)
(adj.) audible
(n.) niibe

niithel (nee-THELL)
(n.) key
(v.) niithelvii; (adj.) niithels

niithels (nee-THELSE)
(adj.) unlocked, literally "keyed"
(n.) niithel; (v.) niithelvii

niithelvii (nee-THELL-vee)
(v.) to unlock, literally "to key"
(n.) niithel; (adj.) niithels

niithyu (NEE-thyew)
(n.) lock, padlock
(v.) niithyuvii; (adj.) niithyus

niithyus (nee-THEWSE)
(adj.) locked
(n.) niithyu; (v.) niithyuvii

niithyuvii (nee-THEW-vee)
(v.) to lock
(n.) niithyu; (adj.) niithyus

niiumet (NEE-oo-meht)
(adj.) gentle
(adv.) niiumevii

niiumevii (nee-oo-MEH-vee)
(adv.) gently
(adj.) niiumet

nobto (NOHB-toh)
(adj.) neutral, blank, ambiguous




pa (pah)
(part.) because of, as a result of

pachat (PAH-chaht)
(adj.) angry, irritated, annoyed

pakata (PAH-kah-tah)
(v.) to walk

panpukh (pan-POOKH)
(n.) one's child or offspring, regardless of genetic relation; lit. "precious child"

pata (PAH-tah)
(n.) foot (anatomical)

pesa (PEH-sah)
(n.) moon, natural satellite (astronomy)

piisupa (PEE-soo-pah)
(prn.) they/them/those (inanimate objects)




raba (RAH-bah)
(n.) ankle, foot/leg joint (anatomical)

reinai (RAY-nye)
(n.) sparks, sparkles


-s (soft s)
(part., suff.) changes a noun or verb to an adjective

sabii (SAH-bee)
(n.) dwarf planet, proto-planet (astronomy)

san (sahn)
(n.) solid matter (physics)
(adj.) sans

saneb (SAH-nehb)
(n.) sense of touch
(v.) sanevii

sanevii (SAH-neh-vee)
(v.) to touch

sara (sah-RAH)
(adj.) quiet, soft-spoken

se (seh)
(num.) 3; three

sei (say)
(n.) gas (physics)
(adj.) seis

seit (sayt)
(n.) plasma (physics)
(adj.) seits

sesa (seh-sah)
(adj.) irrelevant, moot, inapplicable, outdated

shapa (SHAH-pah)
(n.) arm, upper appendage (anatomical)

shiino (SHEE-noh)
(v.) to take

shon (shown)
(v.) to give

shuku (shoo-koo)
(n.) hip, pelvis (anatomical)

shureba (shoo-reh-bah)
(n.) a lie, a falsehood
(v.) surebavii; (adj.) shurebas

shurebas (shoo-reh-boss)
(adj.) false, incorrect, fabricated
(n.) shureba; (v.) shurebavii

shurebavii (shoo-reh-BAH-vee)
(v.) to lie, to knowingly say something false with the intent of misinforming
(n.) shureba; (adj.) shurebas

siba (sibbah)
(v.) to love, to adore, to care for

sil (sill)
(part.) and, also, as well

ska (skah)
(n.) words, either written or spoken
(v.) skavii; (v.) skave

skave (skah-veh)
(v.) to write words
(n.) ska; (v.) skavii

skavii (skah-vee)
(v.) to speak words aloud
(n.) ska; (v.) skave

soiiba (soh-ee-bah)
(adj.) quick, fast

sujii (soo-jee)
(n.) liquid water

sujiikh (soo-jeekh)
(n.) ocean, sea

sul (sool)
(n.) a liquid
(adj.) suls

sumat (SOO-maht)
(v.) to physically spin or twirl something/someone

sumatvii (soo-MAHT-vee)
(v.) to physically spin around (one's self)

sumeit (soo-MATE)
(n.) ice, snow, frozen water

sumyu (SOO-mew)
(n.) spiral
(v.) sumyuvii; (adj.) sumyus

sumyus (soo-MEWSE)
(adj.) spiral-shaped

sumyuvii (su-MEW-vee)
(v.) to spiral
(n.) sumyu; (adj.) sumyus


tapaba (tah-PAH-bah)
(n.) female or female-aligned romantic partner, girlfriend, wife
(n.) tababan

tapaban (tah-PAH-bahn)
(n.) lit. "my girlfriend" / "my wife"
(n.) tapaba

tapabii (tah-PAH-bee)
(n.) male or male-aligned romantic partner, boyfriend, husband
(n.) tapabiin

tapabiin (tah-PAH-bean)
(n.) lit. "my boyfriend" / "my husband"
(n.) tapabii

tapame (tah-PAH-meh)
(n.) romantic partner (gender neutral)
(n.) tapamein

tapamein (tah-PAH-main)
(n.) lit. "my romantic partner" (gender neutral)
(n.) tapame

teme (teh-meh)
(pn.) you, yourself (addressing someone else)

thai (thigh)
(n.) vibration
(v.) thaivii

thaivii (thigh-vee)
(v.) to vibrate

thanut (thah-noot)
(n.) time, the passing of time
(v.) thanuvii

thanuvii (thah-noo-vee)
(v.) to spend time, pass time
(n.) thanut

theba (theh-bah)
(n.) nebula, dust cloud

theba'ii (theh-BAH-ee)
(n.) star, sun (astronomy)

thebasumyu (theh-bah-SOO-mew)
(n.) galaxy, literally "star spiral"

thei (THAY)
(n.) subatomic particle in its current vibrational state

theis (THAYSE)
(n.) atom (physics)

theim (THAME)
(n.) molecule, molecular structure (physics)

theit (THAYT)
(n.) element (physics)

thesa (THEH-sah)
(n.) dust
(adj.) thesas

thesas (theh-SAHS)
(adj.) dusty, covered in dust
(n.) thesa

tho (thOH)
(n.) cosmic string (as in String Theory)

totorii (toh-TOH-ree)
(n.) resolve, willpower, determination, self-discipline




veda (VEH-dah)
(n.) dance
(v.) vedavii

veha (veh-HAH)
(n.) that which is known/understood
(v.) vehavii; (adj.) vehas

vehas (VEH-hahs)
(adj.) understandable, comprehensible
(n.) veha; (v.) vehavii

vehavii (veh-HAH-vee)
(v.) to know, to understand, to comprehend
(n.) veha; (adj.) vehas

velalii (veh-LAH-lee)
(n.) bruise
(v.) velalivii; (adj.) velalis

velalis (veh-LAH-liss)
(adj.) bruised
(n.) velalii; (v.) velalivii

velalivii (veh-LAH-lih-vee)
(v.) to bruise
(n.) velalii; (adj.) velalis

-vii (vee)
(part., suff.) changes a noun/adj. to a verb

viidestii (vee-DEH-stee)
(adj.) pretty, beautiful

voiibiisu (voy-BEE-soo)
(n.) visitor, passer-by






ya (yah)
(part.) as, while, during

yai (yai)
(part.) ?; denotes a question

yoba (YOH-bah)
(part.) into

yopa (YOH-pah)
(part.) inside of, within

yoto (YOH-toh)
(n.) the name of a specific flower that grows on a specific species of moss, which the Hiiche-na harvest

yo'ut (yo-OOT)
(part.) to, toward

yube (YOO-beh)
(part.) outside of, beyond

yubet (YOO-beht)
(n.) bones, skeleton, inner framework

yusen (YOO-sehn)
(v.) to follow