Welcome! For this reading, you will be presented with 5 stacks of 5 tarot cards each,
each one marked by a different stone. Intuitively feel out which stone draws your attention
the most -- that will be your card stack. Once you've chosen, simply click on the link for
your chosen stack to get your reading!

The theme for this reading is: Creative inspiration!
What will be the overall feeling for your next creative venture? How will your current situation
spark or hinder your next project, and what sort of outcome might you prepare for?

This is a general reading. If your first choice doesn't resonate, feel free to choose a
different one! If none of them do, that's okay -- you might not be ready to absorb the message yet.
This is a timeless reading, so feel free to come back at a later date and try again.
I meditated for about half an hour while shuffling the deck, and used my intuition to draw cards. Stones were chosen
intuitively, without me knowing what was in each stack.
I hope you enjoy your reading, and best of luck with all your projects!

Here are the 5 stacks you can choose from.
They are numbered 1-5, from left to right:

1 - Labradorite     |     2 - Pink Agate     |     3 - Amethyst     |     4 - Rose Quartz     |     5 - Blue Aragonite


Card 1: FOUR OF PENTACLES (reversed) ~ You are at a point of manifestation, but you must be patient! Sit back a bit,
relinquish control so things can take shape. You may feel vulnerable in doing this, but trust that whatever needs to happen will happen.
Waiting for the fruits of your creative labors may make you antsy and agitated, but think of it like working with clay on a potter's wheel.
The finished product can only be achieved by balancing between momentum and touch. If you squeeze the clay too hard, you'll ruin your creation!

Card 2: QUEEN OF SWORDS ~ That feisty energy you feel is there for a reason! It may feel like restlessness, but it's much
more than that. You've hit the jackpot when it comes to originality! Whether you see it yet or not, your ideas are teeming with new, thought-provoking
elements that your subconscious has gathered up and interpreted in unique ways. You've organized your ventures well, cut through your
obstacles, and may be riding a high of fearlessness, which is good so long as you're mindful of it and careful. Stay alert!

Card 3: THE STARS ~ A very powerful card to have for creative energies! This just really drives home how much good fortune
you're having with your projects. It's as though you're a conduit for the boundless creative energy of the cosmos itself, ready to see your
vision to fruition! When it hits, it's going to be absolutely massive and maybe even a bit overwhelming. Again, mindfulness and calm is
the key here. Enjoy your success, but on't get so caught up in it that you neglect other areas of life!

Card 4: QUEEN OF WANDS ~ You're going to go strong with your vision, confident in your delivery and that's definitely going to
make people take notice. You might even be a bit of a trend-setter in your creative circles, inspiring others with your provocative new ideas.
You may find it difficult to keep up with how much attention you get! But this likely won't faze you, as your focus will be primarily on
the way forward. However, be wary of burnout! All this success will definitely call for some relaxation and downtime. Don't worry about getting
distracted -- your subconscious will alert you when it's time to get back to work!

Card 5: KING OF SWORDS (reversed) ~ The caveat to all of this comes in the form of someone who may be watching you,
with less than noble intentions. With all the attention you've attracted, they may be envious and wishing to meddle or stir up your good vibes.
They will likely stay hidden in the shadows, waiting to catch you off-guard when you least expect it. They may be able to sense how intently
focused you are and take advantage of your blind spot. Pay close attention to negative vibes, anything that seems "off"! Notice when others
seem to drain your energy or suddenly ask you for favors now that you've gotten some recognition!


Card 1: THE EMPEROR (reversed) ~ You're struggling tremendously with your creativity as of late, either right now or
sometime in the recent past. However, this is merely part of a major self-transformation going on in your subconscious mind. Your attempts to express
outwardly have fallen flat precisely because your attention has turned inward -- and this is a good thing! You've been in desperate need of
recharging, so this "art block" has been not only necessary, but crucial. As you wait for this funk to pass, be patient and compassionate with
yourself, and flip your perspective. Pay attention to the richness of your inner world, in which you yourself are The Emperor, lying in wait
for your strength to return.

Card 2: THE WORLD (reversed) ~ This card echoes the struggle of the first one. The reason your mind has needed this
inward retreat is due to some issue that has evaded closure -- your subconscious may have become transfixed on it, and so you've lost focus on
your self expression. Life now seems to have been flipped on its head! Things seem out of control, out of focus, or unfamiliar at the
moment, but you need only regroup and allow yourself time to heal. Once you feel grounded, shift your attention slightly and drink in all the
raw, untapped inspiration you have before you! There's endless powerful chaos energy here just waiting for you to shape it into something magnificent!

Card 3: ONE OF SWORDS ~ Your creative spark will reignite in a sudden "flash-bang" moment where everything suddenly
seems to fall into place and make sense. The unresolved issue that was plagueing you has been shattered and your freedom from it restored!
It may turn out that the issue involved two seemingly unrelated things which then merged, either creating the problem in the first place, or
the solution. These two forces seemed to oppose one another, but it turns out they were just two sides of the same thing. Now that this revelation
has come to light, you will find charging forward with precision comes to you almost effortlessly! Learn from this lesson -- sometimes,
your own biases can make things seem paradoxical when they don't actually contradict eachother at all.

Card 4: ONE OF WANDS (reversed) ~ You'll soon realize that the reason you were so fixated on this issue in the first
place is because it was the gateway to your next project! However, you're still in recovery mode. Having your epiphany was, in itself, an
exhausting endeavor. There will be a short period of burnout once the blockage has been cleared -- this shouldn't last more than a short while, so
don't become discouraged. Once it has passed, a new beginning will begin to take shape. Nurture it!

Card 5: THREE OF SWORDS (reversed) ~ Finally, you've been able to heal up! You'll soon take flight, ascending to
a place of almost dreamy calm in which you can get a focused look at how things have played out. Take things in stride and keep moving forward,
even if you feel a bit wobbly or anxious about it. Pace yourself, and trust in your personal power and strength! You are your own worst critic.
Turn that sharp intuition outward so you'll know exactly how to manifest your vision!


Card 1: NINE OF SWORDS ~ The outer world seems to be in order right now, and yet there's something nagging at
the back of your mind and causing a lot of anxiety, veering you off course. The fear you feel right now is only due to an overactive imagination!
Breathe and center yourself, as cleanly and quickly as possible. Sometimes, all it takes is not to give an imaginary fear power over you.
Losing focus may have cost you something, but there's always a way to build things back up, so don't despair!

Card 2: DEATH (reversed) ~ This card, in this context, holds a great deal of power. This is a placement of fate,
of a huge turning point or major life event. Your entire worldview and sense of self seem to be changing in tandem, telling parallel stories. You may
feel a bit detached right now, and worry that you're leaving behind your visions. Don't be afraid! Your perspective has broadened a great
deal, and while it may feel overwhelming, it will become obvious how needed this was! Things have shifted for the better, and as time goes on
you'll pick up on a distinct sense of familiarity. Something you lost track of during your journey will come back to you, so that you may see
it in a new light. Always remember that time moves in cycles, and themes will replay themselves in a new guise.

Card 3: KNIGHT OF WANDS (reversed) ~ This renewed energy might manifest as an impulse to charge forward, perhaps even
instilling a sense of needing to rescue something or someone. You feel like you've already seen and dealt with so much, that you're ready to
take on the world. But you've got to be careful and manage the risks wisely! There are still tricky situations and complications to
navigate. But make no mistake, this is your calling! This new creative venture is the right path! Your protective desperation to maintain it is
an invaluable motivating force.

Card 4: THREE OF WANDS ~ You're not going to lose your spark! Your ability to express and manifest will stay
with you strongly no matter what, during this time. Take the time to plan and use your foresight to guide you in moving forward. If things
still feel a bit chaotic, stay in the eye of the storm and ride it out! Be observant and discerning in what steps to take next. You are
in control, so don't doubt your autonomy and independence. Look at how far you've come! Possibly even a great physical distance, into the great
unknown that was indicated by the Death card. This has all happened for a reason!

Card 5: NINE OF WANDS (reversed) ~ Uncertainties may come as the creative cycle comes full circle, but whatever
unexpected details surface are simply new possibilities and opportunities. The changes you face are big, so your caution is entirely warranted! But don't
allow it to spiral into self-doubt, and don't let yourself become cynical about how difficult things may feel right now. It's all
worth it! Remember how driven you've felt, reignite that spark and use it to fuel your resolve once again. Let the energy flow and follow the
path where it leads. Life is an adventure, and your view of the world will bring about something astounding!


Card 1: KNIGHT OF SWORDS (reversed) ~ You've endured an enormous loss or hardship as of late, and this has pushed
your impulsivity out of control. You've been riding tirelessly through what seems like a waking nightmare, and it's taken a huge toll on you. You're
feeling powerful urges to introspect through some kind of art, channeling your intense feelings into your current project. While this will
bring about great creativity, make sure not to self-isolate. Independence is valuable, but so too is knowing when to open up to others.

Card 2: THE CHARIOT ~ It feels as though you're journeying through the Underworld right now, but if you look around inspiration
is everywhere. Light and dark interplay and complement eachother -- if they did not, nothing could exist or be experienced. This will
become something you intrinsically accept and know, and it will galvanize your resolve. Your determination is being forged in the fires of
turbulence right now, and taking these lessons to heart is the key to unlocking your potential. Both as a creator, and as a human being.
Your journey is just starting!

Card 3: NINE OF PENTACLES ~ Hard work pays off! Through the flames of adversity, you'll rise! After fighting tooth
and nail, the progress you've made will seem almost monolithic in its impressiveness -- mostly because it's been through sheer persistence of
will. Blood, sweat and tears. Through everything that has washed over you and swamped you, you've learned how to synthesize it into something
incredible. You may be exhausted, but you deserve to feel immensely proud of yourself and all you've worked to achieve. Any fears you may have
about not doing "enough" should be discarded and used as compost to feed your growing projects. Don't hold back,
bask and revel in all that you've done! Watch it unfold before you!

Card 4: QUEEN OF PENTACLES ~ Playing off the last card, abundance and success will become the central theme during
this time. And there's also a hint of bigger things to come. This project has become huge and all-encompassing, and you find yourself
spending great amounts of time on it, nurturing it, and expanding it in a way that makes you feel whole. This may even be your life's
calling -- listen to your intuition! You've paved the way not just to realize your dreams, but to become a master of your craft! You are meant to stand
out and shine in a way that you didn't know was possible until now.

Card 5: SEVEN OF CHALICES ~ Perhaps the most important motivator as this venture becomes realized will be sharing
your progress and the fruits of your labor. This will keep you focused, inspire you further, and in turn inspire others. Use your creations to
spark a dialogue, and to connect with those around you! This will also help you stay grounded and make sound judgements about your projects.
Carefully consider constructive criticism when you know its intentions are good, and it will help you not to become unrealistic about your
goals. Whether or not you see it now, you're highly influential by nature and that will begin to show in your circles. The positivity you
spread is infectious, because it comes from a genuine place!
You have a unique ability to bring others together with your magnetic visions, so don't hide them!


Card 1: FOUR OF CHALICES ~ Your ideas are running rampant now, and it may feel overwhelming, but pay attention. Your
subconscious is pulling them from a higher source of knowledge and intuition, connecting you to something important that you can't quite see yet.
These intuitive feelings are not your enemy. They may seem disorganized and wanton now, but that's because of the sheer amount of stuff
you're channeling. Make sure you don't reject ideas offhand, be it from lack of energy or overactive skepticism. If something seems unworthy, take
a step back to center yourself and re-evaluate it later with a clear head. It's good to discern things carefully, but don't slip into apathy,
as the signals you're getting have a purpose. It will all fall into place when the time is right.

Card 2: TWO OF PENTACLES (reversed) ~ All this careful discernment has led you to become stuck on evaluating two different
paths available to you, a fork in the road. Your indecision is fueled by a sense that this is a big turning point in your life and your choice
may have equally big consequences. You may also be overthinking your current projects and nitpicking them in a manner that ends up wasting time
without finding solutions. Rather than trying to intellectualize your pursuits to find the answer, simply follow where they lead you, and try
to focus on getting your life together. A lot of energy gets wasted when there's too much clutter and chaos in your physical surroundings!

Card 3: KING OF CHALICES (reversed) ~ You are bottling up a great deal right now, and struggling to figure out how to work
through it without opening a can of worms that you can't handle. You fear that your own mental state and possibly your ego might taint your work
and muddy it, but the truth is that your creations are a direct reflection and manifestation of you, your search for the truth and your place
in it -- and it can be no other way. It's crucial that you embrace this and not guilt yourself for it. Allow yourself to indulge in the things
that light a fire in you, even if it seems selfish! You have much to learn from it. Using your creations to express the otherwise inexpressable
will play a key role in your salvation from the skeletons in your closet.

Card 4: TWO OF WANDS ~ You will find that the big decision you needed to make has been absolutely necessary, and
you'll prove to yourself that you can trust your intuition when it comes to these things. You're honing your judgement skills and becoming much better
with discerning between what's essential and what's just filler. Your organizational skills will also become much better as your mind
becomes less cluttered with extraneous information.

Card 5: TEN OF CHALICES (reversed) ~ Brace yourself -- your work is just beginning. As things take off, there will be
tremendous challenges that may seem insurmountable. In particular, your creative ventures may seem to entangle you with someone else from whom you
have some strife or emotional disconnect. This can feel like a challenge to the very core of who you are as a person, and shake you up in a way
that deeply disturbs you. You may feel vulnerable, even humiliated! You may want to run away or recede inward, but this is an important step forward.
Your connection to this person may even prove fateful. Stay true to yourself, but don't reject opportunities to expand yourself! Balance is key!