this is Noecis! he's an alien from a snow leopard adjacent species called the Luncia.
he lives in a mysterious tower where time has stopped, on a rogue moon whose planet has been destroyed.
he studies astronomy and creates star maps, and travels through different worlds and dimensions on a
quest to make sense of existence! you can check out more about him at the links below. :3

toyhouse profile | twitter RP account

all art of him on this page is by me!

i have an inspiration tumblr for him here!
his usual aesthetic is a blend of elegant/cute/delicate, lolita style fashion, lace, lots of baby blue, lavender, and gold.
angel & flower motifs, crystals, crystal balls, snow globes, unicorns, pastel rainbow, etc.
but he will wear all different sorts of fashions, his other favorites are uchuu-kei and fairy kei.
he loves iridescent and holographic things!


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