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i just opened up art commissions! please check out my commission page here!

i'm currently raising funds for my cat to have a potentially LIFE-SAVING ear surgery! my financial + credit status isn't great right now due to a lot of factors, more details at the link above. any help with donations or spreading the link around would be greatly appreciated!!

here's a link to my twitter post if you
want to RT and help out!

hi hello welcome to my lil dump corner. expect space, ufos, art, music, and other things i won't shut up about.
have a good time, eat your vegbatels, take your vitamins and make sure not to trip on any hyperdimensional world lines!



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HEY! check out this wicked cool mini-album by up-and-coming musician Ammewnition!
( who also happens to be one of my best friends and an AWESOME person!! )
the album is inspired by my project Parasomnis! thanks again Clover!!

awesome science worth supporting!


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