hello and welcome to my personal dumpsite. this place has never
been consistent, but that's what i like about it. anything goes.
it's begun a slight renovation as of 5/7/2019,
so please bear with me as i slap things around in my stupor.
and as always, don't trip on the hyperdimensional world lines.


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i'd like to take a moment to promote this fundraiser for Little Wanderers NY,
a non-profit animal rescue group that's in dire need of financial help. LW works tirelessly every single day,
devoting themselves to helping as many feral cats, dogs, and other animals as they can in the crowded and
dangerous New York City area, even in the freezing winter cold. i've followed them for several years now and
they NEVER back down from a challenge, tackling difficult and near impossible rescue missions that many
others won't. please consider donating or helping to spread the word.

also, check out this wicked cool mini-album
by up-and-coming musician Ammewnition!
( who also happens to be one of my best friends and an AWESOME person )
the album is inspired by my project Parasomnis. thanks again Clover!

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